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Why Traveller / Backpacker Should Visit Timang Beach?

Timang Beach is a small island in Gunungkidul, Jogja (Yogyakarta). You have to across ocean to get there. It is adrenaline challenge and best experience in whole your life. Usually fisherman across to the island to catch lobster using a trap. Sometimes it become favorite place for fishing. But, to get here you have to collect all your courage to across the ocean. This place quiet isolated, not much tourist visit here cause the way so rocky. Even, for local tourist. Not much of them have visit this island.

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Gondola Ride Timang Island

You should trying Gondola at Timang Beach. It is very “crazy & dangerous” Gondola is very traditional (Old school). Trying Gondola at Timang Beach can lift up your adrenaline and be best experience in whole your life.

How Much The Cost Packages For Timang Beach Trip?

  • Transportation From Hotel to Timang: 500.000 IDR
  • Jeep Timang (4 Person Max): 350.000 IDR
  • Ojek / Taxibike: 50.000 IDR

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Timang Beach Tours

Traveler will challenged to prove his guts to cross the choppy large reef just use the gondola that funicular traditionally driven by human power. Gondola withdrawn from the shoreline to a small island called Pulau Panjang Watu. This citizen-made cable car made of wood with a lifeline in the form of a rope. The use of ropes considered more robust in the face corrosive seawater than sling that made of iron / steel. Gondola able cart is not a tourist support facilities provided by the government of Gunung Kidul. This is actually a means of transportation commonly used local fishermen to hunt lobster that became one of the local superior products.

Besides the gondola now the local community has also provided another alternativ that is with suspension bridge. This option is done to anticipate for the visitors who do not want to use the gondola.

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Seafood – Lobster Packages

Timang beach lobster

Behind the hard struggle to get there, it turns out Timang Island is the best place to look for seafood. Local people often use this cable car to Timang Island to find the sea that there are many there especially Lobster. The sea produce of lobsters that have high selling value is what makes local society to willingly bother and struggle to get there with a dificult terrain to get the catch. And you can also enjoy the delights of lobster by buying it to the citizens who provide to the tourists.

Timang beach entrance fee

At first to cross using a cable car is free, but saw the potential that exists, Then the locals making it commercially. for once crossed, residents peg the cost of IDR 200,000 (with gondola) and IDR 100.000 (with bridge). And you also have to use the services of a motorcycle or jeep to get to the location of the timang, because the car vehicle can only arrive at the parking location due to the terrain that is not possible to pass by the car. The price for motorcycle services to the location from parking area is IDR 50.000, or with jeep IDR 350.000 / jeep for max 4 people. quite expensive, but please understandable to pull a cable car takes a lot of energy as well as specialized expertise. Guaranteed! experience gained is more valuable than the nominal money paid.

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Timang Beach Tours 500.000 IDR

Farrah Suzie

From the airport, it will take around 2.5 hours to get here. Though the journey might be a little bit tiring, I think it is worth it to visit this place. You have to take a jeep to drive you through 4km to the beach. Heads up! The road is rocky and bumpy.

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