A Day Trip Yogyakarta Royal Journey

A Day Trip Yogyakarta (City Tour Jogja) Royal Journey

Yogyakarta is renowned throughout Indonesia as the centre of classical Javanese fine art, culture and courtly traditions. Many performances can be seen in the Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta (Kraton Yogyakarta), including Gamelan Orchestra, Classical Dance, Wayang Golek (puppetry) and Javanese Poetry Readings.

sultan palace yogyakarta

Sultan Palace, structurally is one of the finest example of Javanese palace architecture, featuring some luxurious halls and spacious courtyards and pavilions where we can meet with elder servants in traditional Javanese dress. This excursion gives you an insight into the lifestyles of Javanese aristocracy; through a unique royal history and exquisite cultural traditions that survive to the present day.


  • UNESCO – World Heritage Site
  • Dedicated guide with good knowledge of history and culture
  • Royal Hi-Tea ceremony procession
  • Art performance in Sultan Palace based on schedule

A Day Trip Yogyakarta Royal Journey Itinerary

The tours starts in the morning, with pick up at the hotel, then travel to the first destination (Sultan Palace). This palace was built in 1755 – 1756 and is still inhabited by the royal family nowadays. Continue to Taman Sari Water Castle, about 2 km from the Sultan Palace, it is a former royal garden where the former Sultans spent their rest time, with their wives and concubines. It was also a place of refuge during the war.

Visit the other palace in Yogyakarta, is likes Pakualaman, which enjoys special legal status from the Indonesian government, granting the position of vice-governor of Yogyakarta to the ruling Paku Alam prince. After lunch at leisure, visit to Kotagedhe area, this is the first capital of the Mataram Sultanate, established on 16th century. Visit the royal cemetery and the royal mosque. In the afternoon, end the day by enjoying a luxurious royal hi-tea ceremony called? Patehan?.

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